Subrosa – Jiri Blabol Frame Promo

Check out the latest video from Subrosa rider Jiri Blabol to promote his new signature MR1 guest colorway which is available worldwide now and at the all new!

Jiri has been killing it since he was added to the team way back in 2015, and has repped Subrosa hard since day one, so we wanted him to have a signature colorway of a Subrosa Frame.

Jiri Blabol loves a lot of things like girls, ice cream, his dogs, candy, and tattoos, but there are 2 things he couldn’t survive without and they are his car and his bike. You’ve probably seen his beloved BMW E92 on his Instagram, and we did too. As soon as he got it wrapped we got to work mocking matching artwork onto the MR1 since that is what Jiri chooses to ride.

We grabbed a ton of photos, and Jason got to work recreating all the details of the Red to Black transition down the 💯 Jiri rocks on his fender.

Combining this look with the already badass Matt Ray signature MR1 frames makes for an amazing limited edition.

The Jiri Fade MR1 is available at Subrosa Dealers and

Filmed by Ludek Sedlar

Edited by Ryan Chadwick


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