Subrosa – Kevin Kalkoff’s Signature Colorway Promo

Subrosa rider Kevin Kalkoff has an indescribable and timeless style on a bike, and we wanted to translate that into his signature color way, dubbed Satin Moto Blue, featuring an awesome smooth satin finish with special decals.

Due to the nature of the decals and the process of applying them, we are able to have the art go around curves, and even over welds without any bubbling or peeling! They really look hand painted.


Subrosa Noster III frame

Subrosa Villicus bars

Subrosa Battle Forks II.

Hit play and enjoy! Then click the link below to check out a photo bike check on our site!

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Filmed by
Arnaud Mauler

Edited by
Bobby Kanode

„Imprenta Pt. 2“


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