Subrosa Quaranteam Mix Vol: 2

Actual lockdowns are lifting, but it’s still best to stay clear of people and reduce unnecessary travel, so trips with our team riders are still on hold for now. The good thing is that the team is still shredding and riding street and parks that are open in their areas.

We asked the guys to grab some clips for us that we can put together for a mixtape called Quaranteam and here’s Vol: 2.

Check out Subrosa riders Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Mark Burnett, Rim Nakamura, Lewis Colascione, Louis Otto, Juani Zurita, Bjarki Hardarson, Daichi Teshigahara, Mo Nussbaumer, Miguel Smajli, Emile Bouwman, and Janis Bauska!

Filmed by Levi van Rijn, Kareehm Richardson, Raimonds Petersons, Arturs Lurins, and many more!

Edited by Ryan Chadwick

Check out Quaranteam Mix Vol: 1


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