Subrosa Street Rail Jam – Orlando

A few weekends ago we hosted the first (of many) Subrosa Street Rail Jams!

We picked 3 spots around Orlando and upgraded them all with a bunch of Subrosa Street Rails, flew in Subrosa riders Kevin Kalkoff and Matt Ray, and invited everyone to come out for some good times and prizes.

We took a loading dock, an empty parking lot, and an abandoned stair set and turned them into some heated sessions with about 60-70 riders!

Thanks to everyone who came out to shred! Congrats to Kyran Montes for taking the overall win, and Keadre Lindo for taking the very close runner up award! They both went home with their own Subrosa Street Rails.

Stay tuned for info on the next jam, and hit up your local shop and let them know that you want them to host an official Subrosa Street Rail Jam!

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