TCU TV: The Grant Germain & Veesh Interview

TCU TV Episode #6 featuring Grant Germain and Veesh. This one goes hard, check it out! Subscribe:

02:00: Grant, where you from?

03:39: What are your thoughts on the New York City scene these days?

04:59: Do you behave well while out riding? Are your friends sketchier than you?

05:39: Are you going to start an Adam LZ-esque YouTube channel?

05:56: How did you get sponsored?

07:46: Veesh, how would you describe Grant’s style in relationship to the rest of the Cult team?

08:45: Have you watched Grant go from annoying little kid to full grown adult?

11:23: Veesh, let’s talk about filming the biggest crooked grind of all time.

14:08: What was the scene like after he pulled it? You see Dakota freaking out in the video.

16:14: „Traditionally, goofy footed riding has held riders back“

16:33: How did you get into the X Games Phenom thing?

17:50: Is it intimidating trying to break into the Cult BMX mafia?

19:20: Are you conscious of your image?

20:36: Why don’t you just move to California?

21:18: Do you think people get the wrong perception of you because they met you when you were younger?

22:20: Was Craig Passero a big motivation for you in trying to do the pro rider thing?

24:08: Being old and riding with young kids all the time

25:42: Do all the kids you go to school with know all about Nigel and shit?

27:14: The style of riding that you do is really technical, do you have to practice tricks a lot?

28:30: Can you film an entire video part on flat ledges?

31:00: Veesh, how come you’re not a camera gear nerd?

33:43: Veesh, how did you camera get stolen?

34:56: Tell me about the moment that you realized you were going to be editing the Cult am DVD

38:34: Dakota is a really good filmer

39:47: Veesh, Shook was one of your earliest influences can we talk about that?

43:43: Here’s a statement that you may or may not agree with: Skateboard videos are better than BMX videos. Thoughts?

47:33: Will we ever enter an age in which everyone just films everything on their phone?

49:20: You ever fuck around with drones and glide cams?

53:49: Is it fun to sometimes work within a more rigid, corporate environment?

54:56: Is there another Cult DVD in the works? Do you even need to put a video out on DVD at this point?

58:38: In your opinion, how blown out is Southern California?

1:01:36: Differences between New York and Southern California street?

1:05:11: Would you play a Game Of BIKE with Stevie?

1:05:56: Are you going to transition to the freecoaster?

1:08:56: Veesh, do you spend a lot of time filming Chase Hawk?

1:10:01: Are you still motivated to ride even though you’re in the filmer role?

1:12:40: Cult are working on a 5 year anniversary book project

1:13:50: Grant, do you have a temper when trying tricks?

1:17:00: Scott discusses his theory about screaming as loud as you can while trying a trick

1:18:10: We discuss the mentality you need to have when trying a trick for hours at a time

1:19:20: David Grant’s quote about climbing fences

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