The crew met up at my skatepark to hold our first Skatepark Relay Race! 3 teams of 2 riders stepped up to the starting line to see who is the dream team when it comes to freestyle BMX racing! Team Tatted featuring Cory Berglar & BK all day, Team Winnering featuring Matty Cranmer & Big Boy and team Let’s Get It! featuring Vinny Mannino & new comer Mike Fede! But in true channel fashion, this wasn’t your normal race! This was a relay race that involved 2 individual laps around the skatepark and then a team effort on the 1970’s Tandem! That’s when things got really interesting! I had so much fun watching the guys battle it out and I am so excited for my back to heal so I can get involved! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!