We have been talking about making this bicycle skateboard for a while now and after hearing big boy big begging me for the chance to finally make it this week we decided to give it a try! We started out with one of my old BMX bikes we took the wheels off and the sprocket and chain then we took a skateboard from my bike shop and cut it in half then bolted a set of fork mounts to the skateboard and then we rigged up a bicycle seat post from the fork tube to the skateboard and decided it was ready for a trial run! To our surprise it’s seem to hold up well enough to try some tricks on it! Big boy was able to do a Bunnyhop/ollie, a 180 to half cab out, a 360 on flat, and even managed to do a 50 50 grind on a flat rail! I had my doubts but the skateboard bike did work and we had a lot of fun building it! Big Boy even called himself out to try a flair on it in the next video at my skate park! I am so excited to see it go down!