The Eclat Kolibri Hubs

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Kolibri Rear Cassette Hub:

The Kolibri cassette hub is all about simplicity. The hub shell is clean and simple that keeps the cnc machining time down and therefore the price. The flanges are nice and low and match better to the front hubs, so from the side view the bike has a nicely equal balance in the proportions. Sticking with a regular 14mm hollow axle helps keep the weight down, and a simple cassette system with a full bushing driver continues the ’simple‘ theme inside the hub too. So if you’re looking for a straight forward, clean and simple low flange cassette hub, here it is.

Kolibri Front Hub:

The Kolibri front hub is a clean, light and elegant piece of rolling technology. It features a simle low flange design made possible by using a smaller diameter bearings, 2 on each side to ensure it rolls as good as it looks. A straight forward 10mm regular axle making it incredibly light and great for rolling on and on and on…and on.

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