The Shadow Conspiracy 2017 Grips Collection

With four completely different styles to choose from, Shadow’s 2017 Grips Collection has something for everyone. Featuring a wide range of patterns, influences, lengths, and colors, this years collection of grips are definitely our best. Utilizing our proprietary DCR formula, you can rest assured knowing that no matter which style you choose, they’ll last long and feel great! Need some help deciding? Check out our 2017 Grips Collection video and let Shadow team riders Trey Jones, Joris Coulomb, Simone Barraco, and Lahsaan Kobza show you the line.

The classic Ol‘ Dirty grip is back! Originally designed as OG Shadow rider Byron Anderson’s signature grip, the Ol‘ Dirty was one of our most popular grips. We decided to bring it back for 2017 with updated features and constructed using our durable and soft DCR material. With opposing rib cells, this the Ol‘ Dirty provides excellent feel, durability, and grip. Guaranteed to be your favorite grip… again!

The Maya grip is Shadow rider Joris Coulomb’s signature grip. Taking it’s ingenious design straight from the natural world, the Maya grip’s symmetrical, honeycomb pattern creates an extremely comfortable and long lasting grip that is solid throughout it’s life. Combined with our proven DCR formula and you have a combination that can’t be beat.

Shadow rider Simone Barraco’s is very particular about the parts he rides and his signature Gipsy grip is no different. With an asymmetrical design featuring multiple rib widths and spacing to enhance performance, this grip can be ridden two different ways for two completely different feels. Whatever you want, you know that the Gipsy grip, combined with our DCR material, will last even the heaviest sessions.

The Chula grip is Shadow rider Lahsaan Kobza’s long standing signature grip. Featuring a classic, spiral, rib pattern design that feels incredible, the Chula has proven itself as the premiere Shadow Conspiracy grip. Whether you ride street, dirt, park, flat, race, or anything in between, the Chula grip will feel good and help you ride comfortable.

Filmed and edited by Ryan Chadwick


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