The Ultimate Bike Check: Adam LZ 2015

This isn’t your average Bike Check. In addition to having a BMX bike made out of aircraft grade platinum, this video contains canoes, helium, an owl, some whipped cream, and my friends Bert and Spencer. We had a lot of fun making this!
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(Continued below)

So if you guys have been long time subscribers, you probably know I like to make my bike checks different. I always try to do something a little extra because I honestly think they can be one of the most boring videos ever if done wrong. I asked you guys on my instagram for some funny ideas for this one and I got a TON of great suggestions. I was stoked on a lot of them, including helium and rapping, so instead of choosing one idea I tried to do a bunch of different stuff to keep the video entertaining. We literally just filmed my bike check like 3 times and I pulled out my favorite clips, that’s why there are so many bloopers. In the beginning of the video I said „I normally replace my frames when they break“- which doesn’t really make any sense. What I meant to say was that I normally replace my broken frames, but my old one never broke and I like switching my frame up every one in a while to keep things fresh. Chad got a nice batch of these self titled frames in and they matched my car so I just had to have one. We had a lot of fun making this bike check, and in my opinion that’s what anything BMX related should be about. Also, that Freecoaster Vs. Cassette video obviously isn’t up yet, but it will be in the next couple days. Thanks for watching guys!
Huge thanks to Spencer Foresman and Robert Barranco for helping me film and plan this!