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„#THEWAYOUT is a DVD filmed by Dylan Thayer of over a slow 3-4 year span of riding/madness with my closet friends mostly throughout the Midwest area. Full/Split parts featuring Billy Holcomb, David Perez, Tyler Espinoza, James Ryan, Trevor Genovese, Mike Love, Connor Keating, Cody Franklin, Dylan& Jamie Thayer. Also adding a lengthy friends section with a special tribute to our good friend Glenn Salyers!“ – Dylan Thayer

00:23 – Glenn Salyers Tribute
5:50 – David Perez
10:28 – Cody Franklin / Dylan Thayer
15:44 – Connor Keating
18:00 – Friends
25:07 – Tyler Espinoza
28:56 – Jonathan Lugo / James Ryan / Trevor Genovese / Mike Love
32:22 – Billy Holcomb
38:10 – Jamie Thayer
48:50 – Credits


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