Tom Smith and the Subrosa Street Rail

Subrosa Skeleton Crew Rider Tom Smith met up with a whole bunch of friends and turned an old loading dock spot into a super fun all day jam with a couple Subrosa Street Rails!

Video features riders Tom Smith, Brett Silva, Jacob Conard, Andrew White, Ryan Murray, Nathan Elliot, Jordan Krupa, Weston Vaughn, and Chris Cadot.

The Subrosa Street Rail is available worldwide now at your local Subrosa dealer or favorite BMX Mail-order.

The Subrosa Street Rail Connector kit will be available at the end of March! Use it to connect two or more Subrosa Street Rails together!

See all the details and spec at

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Filmed and Edited by Jeremie Infelise

“Spicy Miso Raga”

Thanks to everyone who helped out a rode!