Finally a somewhat nice day has come in what has been a very cold February winter. Matty, BIG BOY and I went to a random skatepark by my cousins work for an awesome session. We rolled up there and it was a skatepark full of skateboarders, but they were absoultluy awesome and they had no issue with us getting a session in with them. Matty and BIG BOY did a lot on some ramps that they thought were going to be to small to ride Matty made BIG BOY learn how to do a bunch of new tricks like a whip over the bank to bank box. I called BIG BOY out on a bunch of tricks and as usual he gets completely broke off in some way and takes a crazy crash. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be back and going around to skatepark to skatepark with these boys. Thanks for watching, remember to subscribe and peace!

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