Vital BMX Weekly Update – Bezanson’s New Tires, Enarson’s New Snacks, Gray’s New Ankle Brace

This week’s recap of everything going on at and in the BMX world!

For more on the pieces mentioned in the video, hit the links below –

Drew Bezanson on Maxxis –,9073

DeMarcus Paul on Animal –,9071

The Space Brace Promo –,63380/kylecarlson,363

Briatong on Fire Video –,63387/kylecarlson,363

15-Year-Old Hannah Roberts –,63394/kylecarlson,363

Tony Neyer / Dan’s Comp Video –,63392/kylecarlson,363

Simone Barraco / Subrosa Video –,63410/kylecarlson,363

Roche & Ricany / Cult video –,63409/kylecarlson,363