Webisode 24: Too Close For Comfort

We thought it would be a good idea to make a video where we train each other doing tricks ridiculously close. Those few clips are mixed in with other footage I’ve accumulated since I moved back to FL. Please pardon amplified mic (on the wrong setting) for the first couple clips.
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Day 1: So we wanted to be original and start a new video series. I came up with the idea „Too Close For Comfort“ where we basically would train each other ridiculously close. It seemed like a good idea at first, until everybody kept getting wrecked. We decided it was best to abandon the idea and use the clips for a webisode. My mic was on the wrong setting (I know, I’m blowing it lately), but I fixed it towards the end of the session. Huge shoutout to Kyle Noble for filming all the clips. Later that night, at around 2AM, I had finished my homework and was really hyper (probably due to coffee) and was running up and down our hall making car noises for Roberts snapchat story. He thought it was really funny so we decided to record it on my DSLR.

Day 2: Some random clips at Oviedo skatepark. It was really hot out so we had our shirts off. My fisheye was also broken between the last clips from Day 1 so we had to film long lens.

Day 3: I decided to check out a skate-only pre-fab park on my way home from Flaggler beach. It turned out this guy Dominick was there on his bike, and we quickly became friends and filmed some clips with his friend Angel. S/O to Dominick for filming a bunch and letting me use his fisheye!

I hope you guys enjoyed this video even though it is lacking any sort of structure or timeline. I will try to upload more frequently, it’s just tough when you’re a full time student and run an online store! I still manage to ride A LOT, I’m just too lazy to pull out the camera sometimes.

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