Webisode 35: Grapefruit Trails and Graffiti

There were over a dozen of us riding trails and Graffiti, and I’m pretty sure every person could backflip but me… Enjoy a LOT of good riding footage from a fun Sunday in the Palm Bay, FL area.
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This webisode has kind-of a weird vibe in my opinion. I think it was because there were so many people and we just got more riding clips than usual. Regardless, the day was super fun and hopefully we’ll get to go back to the trails another day and film more. It was kind-of tough to show all the jumps and everything with my fisheye in all the shade. I’m so much more stoked on how my riding looks back on the cassette, I hope you guys think the same! I learned a few new things in here (3 lookback, wallride 360) and I’m pretty pumped to not be doing the same tricks all the time anymore. I hope you guys enjoyed this one and look forward to what’s next!!!
Bert also made me delete a clip out of the video because he didn’t want his parents to think he was homosexual. If you want to see the clip I will be posting it in my snapchat story, along with many other things. Check it!
Huge thanks to everyone who filmed, especially Kyle Noble, Keaton Aspuru, Robert Barranco, and Spencer Foresman.






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