Webisode 42: BQR & Adam LZ at Corby skatepark

Fan meet and greet at Corby, followed by a private session just for us! Check it yoo. Subscribe – ttp://smarturl.it/SubToBoqer
Subscribe to Adam’s channel! – http://www.youtube.com/lzbmx

I got an email not long before Adam came the the UK, from Harry who is the manager at Corby skatepark. He offered us a private session, so I was like… can we do a fan meet and greet too (cause Adam wanted to meet a bunch of his UK fans) and he was keen. So we hosted the meet, and then when the doors locked and everyone went home, we had the place to ourselves to film for the night. Once again massive thanks to Harry for sorting us the session and Adrenaline Alley for being so cool with it all. Let us know what you though of the video in the comments below by commenting your favourite part or something. Thanks guys!
Also if you’re not already subbed, please do so we can get to 100k! Only 500 off as a write this.

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Filmed with a Canon 6D with Sigma 15mm fisheye & Tamron 28-75mm… plus a gopro hero 3+ black edition with an external mic.


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