Webisode 46: First Time UK Experience (BMX Trip)

Some of England’s best skateparks, driving on the wrong side of the road, climbing a mountain, awesome food, fast cars, and MORE!
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As always, here’s the really long description. The butter to the bread, the candy to the baby, the writing between the lines. To be short, this trip was awesome. It was a much needed change of scenery, new parks, awesome views, and perfect cool weather (we lucked out). People made England out to be some terrible place with no skateparks and mean people, but I found that in our area there were more skateparks per town than back home in the states and the people were super nice (maybe just to me). The food was great (even our frequent gas-station sandwiches), and the people were awesome.

I really appreciated Josh showing me around and driving obnoxious amounts to make sure we got out and traveled a bit. I also can’t thank his friends enough for making me feel right at home and just being genuine and awesome people. I definitely did not expect to feel as welcome as I did over there. Big shoutouts to Mom aka Molly aka Baby Boq’s Mama for all the fun-lovin‘, Clem for being my dad for a day and helping me film, Tommy and Lou for driving us to North Wales and setting up the camping stuff, and anyone else I might be forgetting!

The question now is, will I ever go back? 100% yes. Not even a question. I’m actually looking into getting a car out there so I can go for like a month and road trip around Europe without feeling bad about other people driving. If you guys have any more questions about my trip let me know in the comments as I’m planning to address some stuff in the next weekly update!

One last thanks to all you guys who ordered Collab shirts, those completely funded my trip and made this video possible! Couldn’t be doing all this awesome stuff without you guys. Cheers!!!


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