Webisode 56: Private Session at the CRAZIEST Skatepark (Bike Only)

The whole crew meets for the first time EVER at one of the most insane parks in the North: Joyride 150.
We were lucky enough to get the park to ourselves after-hours the day before our big jam. SO FUN!
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First off: I apologize for the wack audio in a few random clips. We had 3 cameras going around and one of them had it’s mic settings knocked out of whack by accident.

Backstory: So since the last time I visited joyride I had been talking about doing a big jam during the winter and flying everybody up. I wound up flying Spencer, Bert, and John to CT and we all drove up to Canada for the jam. I knew it was going to be packed the day of the jam so I asked if Joyride could give us a private session the night before – and they said yes! This video is just random footage from that night bro-cam filmed by the crew. Hope you enjoy it – get pumped for the jam video!

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