Webisode 7: Farewell CT

This our last Webisode, together. Be sure to subscribe because we’ll both still be uploading videos even though I am moving!

Tonight is also the last time you can get anything from our site for a while (until I get situated at school) so check out http://LZBMX.com before I shut it down.

This video is a little bit different, because the first section (the blue skatepark – Meriden) was supposed to be for an edit and we didn’t have much commentary. That is why music is in the background, hopefully you guys don’t mind. Anyway it has been a blast doing these videos with Cody and you will see more with both of us in it for sure when Cody visits Florida and I visit CT. Thanks for watching and let us know what you think with a comment!
PS. Please do not say offend Cody’s girlfriend (blonde one) too much, she freaks out at the littlest things.
Codys sister on the other hand…. say whatever you want because she don’t give a f*ck!

Bak on the beat – https://soundcloud.com/genociderecords/the-come-up-freestyle-by-bak

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