Webisode 8: Skaters Edge

Guess what? Chicken Butt. Oh, and I decided to take a last-minute flight to CT for the weekend. Luckily I was awarded custody of Cody from his girlfriend for the entire weekend, and I finagled him out of his Saturday shift at work. This is #1 of a few videos we filmed while I was home, which will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Sadly, I did dislocate my thumb a little over a week ago and was limited to certain tricks (No bars/whips/drops), but we still had a blast. Please subscribe, and follow both of us on instagram/twitter @Adam_LZ @Cody_Krueger

PS: I owe a HUGE thanks to everyone who has bought some of our merch because I finally have enough money to buy a nice camera of my own, and will continue making videos when I get back to Florida! Stay posted!

My facebook page has also been blowing up lately, over 50,000 likes in the past month. So if you want to join the club it is http://facebook.com/adam.lz.1

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