WETHEPEOPLE BMX #ENVY 2019 Complete Bike

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The mother of all bikes. The Envy is a testament to just how far BMX design has come. Every year we unveil this bike, we want to show the world how far we’ve come as a brand and what happens when you put together only the very best of our products. All the components on the Envy are carefully handpicked to ensure it’s the perfect bike for street and park riders, and just about everything in between. What we’re calling „Burnt Metal“, for 2019 we wanted the Envy to have a paint job unlike anything ever seen before.
As always, the Envy is backed up by another jaw-dropping parts list including the WETHEPEOPLE Supreme hubs, Patron 25mm Invest Casted fork and the new Felix Prangenberg signature 8mm thick Pathfinder sprocket. On top of this you’ll find only the best parts from ECLAT including the high-performance Mirage 2.45”/2.35″ tires, BIOS Pivotal seat and the new 4.8″ Venom plastic pegs. Available in 20.5” and 21” toptube lengths, the Envy is the very best BMX bike your money can buy.

The 2019 Wethepeople Complete Bike Collection is available from bike shops worldwide. For more info make sure you head to our website or search „wethepeople bmx“

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