WeThePeople ‚Seed‘ 16 Inch Kids BMX Bike

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Advertisement for the Wethepeople 16″ BMX bike.

The Seed BMX 16″

We don’t believe in restriction at wethepeople; why should a rider have to wait until he can be a certain size to fully appreciate the opportunities BMX has to offer right?

That’s why when we developed the 16″ Seed – we didn’t believe that just because it was a smaller bike it shouldn’t have the same amazing components and quality as its older brothers and sisters. Always wanting to go the extra mile, we have developed a whole host of components tailored to fit a small rider. The Seed comes with a shorter offset stem, smaller pedals and ergonomically shaped saddle all built for one purpose to give even the youngest rider the best possible start in BMX.

Find out more: http://wethepeoplebmx.de/bikes/seed-16

Tweet #startsearchin if you have started young and you could win a 16″ Seed.

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