What I Ride – Nathan Williams

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Well, many people didn’t see the whole Nathan Williams leaving United thing coming… Including us, because we shot this here bike check with him a few weeks back. For the sake of not having it ever, ever be seen, we figured it was worth dropping now, even if it is not all that relevant anymore. You can at least get a few insights into how Nathan rides the thing, eh? And, if you’re looking for a new frame, you can get a hell of a deal on any of Nathan Williams‘ signature United stuff over on http://ridebmx.com/shop

Frame: United Mothership
Fork: United Dinero
Bars: United Mothership
Stem: Terrible One Cyclops
Seat: United Supreme
Cranks: United Nash Cranks
Sprocket: Prototype Cinema
Front Tire: United Direct 2.4”
Front Wheel: Cinema VX2
Rear Tire: United Direct 2.4”
Rear Wheel: Cinema w/ freecoaster
Pedals: Duo
Pegs: Fiend Plastic

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