Brant Moore and Co. Test a Fitbikeco. PRK Complete

New S&M/Fit Familia member Brant Moore built up a 2023 Fitbikeco. PRK with the intention of filming a YouTube Series where he systematically upgrades each part to an aftermarket component… you know, the same way lots of folks who start out on an entry-level bike might do eventually.

Here is the first video in that series:–ZLZHSGiPI&t=604s

Brant chose the PRK MD (medium) in Gloss Black and even though the plan is to illustrate how a rider can start with a complete and end up with a custom build – we encouraged him to shred the bike straight out of the box.

Welp, shred it he did – check out Brant and his buddies getting down to business on a completely stock FIT PRK and then make sure you follow the whole series on Brant’s channel if this sort of thing appeals to you. You can watch the whole Day 1 Test Video here:

Video courtesy of Brant Moore