NBDs, what the fucks, and just complete overall insanity… Zack Gerber’s section from the Us/Them video is outrageous. We’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure for the next 48 hours. After that, you’ll need to pick up a copy of the Us/Them video (available as digital download or DVD) to watch his part and the rest of the incredible video, featuring Ryan Howard, Devon Denham, Jake Coulson, Jeff Milby, Greg Goldberg, and Matt Skaggs.

„Zack Gerber can be a polarizing figure. If you take his online persona the wrong way you’ll miss out on one of the most genuinely caring and passionate persons. When I originally started working on the Us/Them video Zack wasn’t a part of it. An unfortunate situation lead to us not working together for a bit, until a random trip to Kentucky about five months into the video quickly restarted things when Zack filmed his first clip—the barspin down the Jaws gap. Once Zack was back in the mix the original idea was to do a separate web based part compete with intro and credits much like the Gravis Dylan Reider piece a few years back. As time passed Zack organically became almost as invested in the project as I was. If someone wanted to drive five hours to ride something Zack was the first person in the car with me to go make it happen. Need a smashed roof rebuilt for a trick? Zack was there with a truck load of wood and tools to fix it for you. He cared as much about everyone else doing their best as he did his own. Zack’s riding is both progressive and technical as it is big and burly. He is the ultimate example of taking what is possible and pushing it to the limit—with total disregard for his self-preservation. It’s been my honor to try and do his riding justice. After all we are only ordinary men.“ —Ryan Howard


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