2016 X Games Girl Session

A squad of BMX ladies had a session on the X Games Park course early one morning this year. Despite almost getting rained out every morning they tried to ride, their 9am session was a fun and laid back one—and the earliest both Ryan Fudger and myself had ever been to an X Games. While I’ve known Nina Buitrago since she pretty much started riding, and I’ve had a few sessions with Dani Lightningbolt, it was cool to finally see the likes of Angie Marino, Nikita Ducarroz, Perris Benegas, Minato Oike, Ellie Chew, and Hannah Roberts all ride in person for the first time after watching them in videos. Will we be seeing a girl’s class in an actual X Games soon? Only time will tell, but from the looks of these girls on the course after less than two hours riding it, the future is foretelling…

Music: „New Machines“ by Home

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