Adam LZ Weekly Update #1

I had a super busy weekend, so I decided to upload some un-cut footage talking about injuries, school, bike stuff, travel plans, store updates, planned videos, and more! UPLOADED IN 4K OMG
100K Shirts –

So I’ve been wanting to do these for quite some time now, but my GoPro was being super temperamental and glitched out the first 2 times I filmed this. I sent it back and they sent another, we’ll see how this one does. Anyway, I’ve never really done a video like this, so I’m interested to hear what you guys think and recommendations as to how I can improve them. The whole concept revolves around the fact that they are easy to film/edit/upload, so if I have free time on a long drive I can make them. I will try to be consistent and upload one every week! I may just make these in 1080, because honestly does quality matter that much for a Vlog? Let me know.
Thanks for watching- I’m excited to film out in Cali!